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My past experiences bring a lot to the table!

I had the privilege of working for many years as an

Offshore Financial Advisor. Working with expats from all over the world, it was my job to make sure their financial situation was safe and strong.

Let me bring that same professional work ethic to the table, and I will find what ever Florida Real Estate you need. Commercial, Investment or Residential Real Estate, Businesses, Franchises and Vacant Land.


Born in Nottingham, England
Like many people who come to the United States, I too had a journey. After finishing college in England, I decided to follow my family to Central Florida. They had been visiting Florida since the 1970's, and my father as a builder saw the potential to build a new life on these shores. Along with my Mom, who was a financial consultant, and my 2 brothers they started the journey, only for me to complete. 
Came to the U.S on an E visa
Back in the 1980's, and early 1990's it was quite difficult to get a straight answer as to the best way to move here from overseas. It seemed that green cards were what most people knew, and unfortunately many of us were led down the wrong path. ( FYI, You can't buy a green card! )
Anyway, my family finally found a genuine U.S Attorney who explained and helped process a visa application to purchase a business. This as most of you know is the E visa, or Investment Treaty Visa. Once we had this, our lives changed for ever, and we began to live the American Dream.
Obtained my Green Card
After several visa renewals, running a business for many years, and a marriage, I finally achieved my green card status. 
Now a Proud Citizen
After several years , an interview, and the Pledge of Allegiance, I finally achieved my ultimate goal. Citizenship, and a feeling of belonging. Not only was I know a true American, I was offered the chance to read the pledge in front of hundreds of my fellow new citizens. One of the proudest days of my life. 


Following my citizenship, like any good son would do, I sponsored my parents. And it is the best gift I could have ever given them.

R.I.P Dad

Gerald Barnes



So, What do I bring to the table?

As a business intermediary, I am a registered member of the BBF ( Business brokers of Florida), as well as a licensed Florida Real Estate Agent. This means that I am both licensed and regulated to assist you find any business, or real estate, anywhere in Florida. 

As a licensed Florida Real Estate Agent, I have access to the MLS, a system for all registered agents to place their listings. So, send me your criteria, as specific as you like, and I will have the ability to search and send you the right properties to view, without hours of searching. 

If you are looking to emigrate / relocate to Florida, my knowledge of buying a business, and obtaining a visa is first hand. I can not help you with your visa application, and you should use a qualified attorney, but I do understand the principles, and will be able to guide you in what should or should not fit the requirements. Having held an E visa first hand, along with a green card, and now, and most proudly my Citizenship, I fully understand the strain and worry that this can cause a family.

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