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What is a visa qualifying business?

What is a visa qualifying business?

A visa qualifying business is simply a business that can both support itself through paperwork and financials, and show room for growth.

Although there is no specific figure that an overseas investors needs to spend in order to obtain an investment visa, you do need to realize that the investment you make can not be marginal, nor can it be for personal gain. So, for those of you who were thinking of buying real estate, that can not happen.

The investment will be of commercial nature, most likely the purchase of a small business. It will need to be able to show its past history and financials, along with employment. Having employees of some form is a priority with this type of investment, and ensures that your investment is real and genuine. Along with your visa application, you will attach a professional business plan outing what the business has done, and what you intend to do with it. 5 years financial projections and marketing and advertising will be a key part of this.

Not only is it that the business should be able to prove itself, but the seller of the business must agree that the visa application takes longer than a traditional sale, and that a contingency must be written into the contract ensuring that the buyer (visa applicant) would have all monies they had placed as deposit returned to them should they be denied the visa.

So, the seller needs to be flexible in order for them to accept a contract like this, and be prepared that an extension, or several may be required due to the visa process.