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If you are thinking of relocating to Florida and do not currently have residency, then you will need one of several work visas available. The question is which one? Hopefully as you read through this website you will become more aware of which visa will suit your needs? If you are still unsure, please feel free to contact me with your questions?

Chances are you will find that the E or L visa is most suitable for your needs? These are investment visas where you would invest in a U.S business, which in turn would qualify you for the right to legally live here. Your immediate family would qualify under you, the investor.

Visa Qualifying Businesses

This is simply a term used by Business Brokers, and is in no way associated with any form of approval from USCIS. What it means is that the seller has what should be the correct documentation and financials in order for you to be able to submit a visa application. It also means a seller is willing to accept a visa contingent offer and wait the time required for your visa application. Some websites advertise business as visa qualifying, but any business could qualify, so don’t be steered in one direction. Know your information and you will succeed.

Common Visa’s

Please note that the information provided, is simply there to assist you in your search for visas, and to relocate to the United States of America. At the point that you apply for your immigration visas, you will require a professional visa attorney or consultant to assist you with submitting your application. I will assist you from start to finish with finding a suitable business, and home, if needed? I will also work along side your visa person and assist in gathering the appropriate information for your visa application.

L Visa

Who, within the three preceding years, have been employed continuously for one year, and who will be employed by a branch, parent, affiliate, or subsidiary of that same employer in the U.S. in a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge capacity;

E Visa

Known as the Treaty Investor Visa, ​this applies to most people and it is for those of you who do not own a business currently, however, are willing to purchase a business in the United States.

This gives you the ability to :

EB Visa (route to a green card)

​The minimum investment here is $ 500,000, however you are investing into a government approved program that should lead you straight to a green card. You will need to confirm which regional program best suits your needs?

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