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Selling Your Business

Sell Your Business

Why list with us?

Having been in the industry for over 20 years, myself and Rockrose Realty  have both the experience and customer base to sell your business. There are no upfront costs to you and we will ensure that your business is promoted through all aspects of media, all over the world.

What is my business worth?

There are several ways to value your business, but ultimately you will want the option that gives you the highest value. Don’t guess a price when selling your business, it’s just not worth it. You may find a buyer, but ultimately when the buyer performs due diligence, the true value will be found. At no cost to you, I will meet and review your figures, then discuss and determine a sales price.

What types of buyer are out there?

Not only do you have the ability to sell to a US resident, but also foreign investors from around the world.

Foreign Investors tend to have the cash readily available, and also need to invest the money in order to obtain a visa. However, when you sell your business it may take a little longer as the buyer is applying for a visa. When you sell your business this way, you the seller are giving time up, and the buyer is generally paying a little higher price for that privilege.

U.S Residents have the ability to use finance, such as 401k and SBA loans. We have the companies in place to pre qualify your business before you list it, and the buyer before they make an offer. Just another free tool to help you sell your business.

What will I need to sell my business?

1. Financials and Company books.

In order to have a speedy sale, have at least 2-3 years worth of accounts prepared. If possible, use your accountant, or find one that can assist you. The worst situation for a buyer is that you say you have financials, and then when they or their accountant request them, they are not available. Their thought process will be, “if they are selling their business, and it is real, why are there no accounts available?”. This could concern them enough to withdraw from their offer as due diligence will not be met, and you will have wasted your time.

2. Patents and Trademarks.

If you have one, ensure it is registered correctly. If you think you need one, get one. This can all be done online, or through your accountant, and it will add value to your business. Use this government link to get started.

3. Know your business.

For those of you who have a business dependent on you personally, such as fitness instructors,online stores etc, make sure that the business will not decline if you leave. Businesses that buyers think are reliant on the seller will find it harder to sell. Buyers want a business that has stability and room for growth. Automate your site and company. Give it it’s own identity.

4. Disclose everything!

There is no point not telling your listing broker, or potential buyers everything when selling your business. Through Due Diligence, the buyer and or their accountant will most likely find out everything. Even those things you thought they may not. This can only lead to a lack of trust, and once you are at that point, the buyer will most likely walk away.

5. State and Government taxes, loans and payments.

Whether you have sales tax or hotel and motel taxes, or simply a vehicle loan payment, make sure that they are up to date. There will be a Credit Check at closing along with state and government sales tax checks. If there are any outstanding taxes, payments or fines, the closing attorney will ask that you to settle them before closing. Otherwise you can ask that the closing attorney hold proceeds at closing, and pay them for you. No buyer will close without proof of any settlement.