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Real Estate


Whether you are a first time buyer and want to know how the process works, or if you are a seasoned buyer who just needs to find the right property, the MLS Home Search and my assistance will guarantee that if it is out there, you will find it.

Due to the diversity of Florida, you will find many different options of real estate to chose from. Some of you may want the security of a gated community, however others may find those monthly HOA fee’s too much, or pointless to their needs. Don’t waste your time looking at homes that will not fit your budget, or your style. Contact me today and let’s start working together.

Before you begin your search, please feel free to ask whatever questions or concerns you have? My job doesn’t begin until I really understand your objective and needs.

Single Family Home, Condo or Townhouse ?

Which one is right for you? Although people have that misconception that smaller is cheaper, that is not always the case. You can easily spend far more on a Townhouse than a single family home. Yes, location is the main driving factor, although with all townhouse you will have an HOA. Dependent on the amenities the community offers, these fees can really eat in to your monthly budget. Not that having an HOA is a bad thing, sometimes it’s just about what you can afford? For those that are in the position of having a higher budget, then perhaps a Townhouse would suit you more than a single family home? Less outside expenses such as pool, lawn and maintenance, and lower monthly utility bills.

With so many questions, surely it is better to get the answers before searching?

Investment Property and Second Homes.

Is this a second home, or Investment Home? Although real estate itself is no different, for those of you who are looking to finance, real estate can be very different. With an investment property, you will have no personal attachment or use to it, and may only use it 2 weeks of the year, whereas with a second home, you are going to use it for longer periods and throughout the year. It is far better to have spoken with your mortgage broker or bank about this before hand. This will ensure that you know what your down payment and guidelines are?

Florida State Licensing. If you are looking to buy a vacation home, this type of real estate will fall under Short Term Rental or Vacation Property. Therefore any property you buy, whether a condo, townhouse or vacation home will be required to become licensed under the Hotel and Motel Division. The real estate you buy MUST be in an area zoned specifically for this type of activity. 

If you are looking to buy an investment home in Central Florida, around the them parks for example, then you will find that Osceola, Lake and Polk counties offer the largest selection. All 3 counties are on Disney’s doorstep in an area where they meet with Orange county, known as “Four Corners”.  The cities are Kissimmee, Davenport, Clermont and Orlando.

For those of you wanting to buy real estate that can create an income, such as short term rentals, be sure that you understand the market upfront. It’s all very well that someone may tell you, “yes, buy that property, we can rent it”, but what can they rent it for, and for how long? The two main income streams for bookings for these type properties are Tour Operators and Travel Agents. Although Tour Operators can give bulk bookings, many times the nightly rates that you get can not afford the nightly expenses of running your property. So having a home 80% occupied, but at $ 70.00 per night just will not work. Mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, HOA ,Manager’s Fees and occasionally maintenance issues will most likely mean that you will need a little more than that? Obviously if you buy cash, then your costs are lower, but it is important to understand what market your property is being sold to.


As a Florida Business Broker, I work with both commercial real estate such as land, warehouses and hotels, to existing businesses such as stores, franchises, property management, medical and so on. What ever your needs, I will help you locate the right opportunities, and if need be, set up appointments with the sellers to meet and discuss their business.

If you require finance, I can put you in contact with a Florida Bank who will pre qualify you for an SBA loan. The Small Business Administration can assist you with loans for almost any type of business, providing you have sufficient credit, and at least 20% down. If you are not sure whether you would qualify, ask?

For those of you looking for an existing business, there are many industries out there, and maybe a new one that would suit you? Don’t just go for what you know. Lets look at what is out there and compare. After all, if you are considering a business, most likely it is for a change of life?