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E Visa - Live in Florida.

Live the Florida Dream

Living the Florida Dream. (The E Visa)

For most of you the thought of living in Florida seems almost impossible. Having to invest so much money, and the time it takes to get a visa simply stops people in their tracks. We read and read so much information, and we listen to so many people, all the time making it seem harder to achieve.
STOP! Stop reading any old website, stop listening to individuals who may have had completely different experiences and requirements as you, and breath!
As a Florida business broker I can give you free advice on how to find the right business, how to fit your budget, and how to live the Florida Dream. All you need do is understand the process and regulations. This can be easily done by having someone like myself assist you along the way, as well as utilizing our U.S Government sites for information and a knowledgable visa attorney or consultant.

How can I help?

Not only do I do this for a living on a daily basis, I myself have been through some of the same processes you will face. Having an E visa, Green Card and ultimately my dream, Citizenship. All of these paths have taught me to truly understand the worries and concerns you and your families carry when looking to move abroad.

I am sure that you have read or heard that you must invest hundreds of thousands to do this. That is not the case at all. Immigration do not have a specific number to invest, and they simply expect the business you buy to be able to create jobs, pay taxes, and benefit the community and economy. If you can do this and the business will support you in doing so, you should not have any issues. No business is guaranteed approval, but if it is real and the paperwork can back it, go for it!

Now that you are aware that it can be done for much less than you probably thought, it is also important to understand owner financing. If you find a business and it is say $ 120,000, but you only have $100,000 cash available, you could approach the seller and ask if they would hold a personal note for the difference? This will both allow you to buy something that perhaps really suits you, and also tells you that the seller and business is pretty genuine. After all, who would let someone have a note if they thought they would not be paid back?
Please understand that having a small note is not something that you should try to do. Immigration are not looking for people to buy a business using finance. The purpose of your investment is to inject YOUR cash into the economy, so if you do need to consider finance, make sure it is for 25% or less of the purchase price, and ask your attorney or consultant? This way you should be able to show a significant cash investment compared to finance.
How safe is it?

When considering buying a business through the E visa program, you should never buy the business before you get your visa. I have only one way of achieving your goal, find the business, perform due diligence, apply for your visa and then once approved, close on the business.
In order to prove that your investment is “at risk” and “committed” to immigration, you should place the total amount of the purchase price into an escrow account. Preferably with a licensed closing attorney. This way your money is 100% safe.
In your contract for purchase you should be sure to have a contingency for your visa. If approved you close, if denied your monies are returned to you. Your visa person will include proof of your funds in escrow with your application.

Due Diligence

Once you have made an offer on a business and had it accepted, you will place a 10% deposit in escrow. At that point you can request any and all financials and other documents you need to verify the business is true. Once you have approved due diligence, you will be required to place the remaining 90% of the purchase price in escrow. At this point you start your visa application.

Once your visa application has been sent in to the relevant embassy by yourself or your attorney, you will have to wait for the embassy to notify you about choosing an interview date. Following your interview,and if you are approved, you will leave your passport with the embassy and they will mail it back to you with your visa attached. This can take around 7 days, but once you have it, Florida here you come………

Having explained a little about the process, I would like to explain some of the benefits I see:

Quality of Life
For those of you with families, or who are generally active people, you will never get bored. From Theme Parks and Beaches, to Golf and Shopping, Florida has it all. Not everything costs money either, so filing your evenings and weekends with new experiences is only the beginning.

Standard of Living
Unlike many areas of the country, Florida attracts as many tourists as anywhere else in the world. That relates to huge amounts of tourism tax being available for our local and state governments. They in turn ensure we have new safer roads and infrastructure, as well as a growing wealth of schools and colleges.

Being a Business Owner
As a business owner you will not only be spending your hard earned money on buying such a business, you will be growing an asset for the future. Many people only see the money going out of their pocket, and forget that with a good business, you should receive back your investment within the first 2 to 3 years. After that, it’s all yours and you have a business for free. Yes, it means hard work, but now you have a great life, a valuable business asset and the privilege of living in Florida. So, maybe you should start to think about the pros of relocating to florida, rather than the money spent?
Your won work schedule. Not only is there a financials gain in owning your own business, but there is also the personal gain. being able to set your own work schedule means you and your family will spend many more special occasions together. School events, birthdays, holidays and anything else that you have missed will be something of the past.

Your spouse gets a work permit
Not only will you be able to bring your spouse and children with you on your E visa, your spouse will receive a work permit. Unlike the visa itself, the work permit will allow the spouse to go out and get a regular job in the workplace. Government jobs etc will not be available to them, however almost any other position should be available? So, decide which of you would like to go out and get a job and which of you will use the visa? Now you have your business income and your spousal income. This life just gets better!

If you have made it to the bottom of the page, you are probably either considering making the move, or are already going through this process? Make sure that you have people around you who both understand the process, and also appreciate the depths of which you and your family will go to for a better way of life. Saying good bye to family and friends, selling your belongings, and determining how to start your new life are just a few of the hurdles to overcome. With all of that going on, plus your everyday life, you need someone to lean on. I can do that!
I am not an attorney and can not do your visa, I am not an accountant and can not perform due diligence, but I can be the glue that sticks all of these parts together. I will work along side whomever you have chosen to help you, or I can suggest people who may work for you? At the end of the day, we have the same goal, Success and Living the Florida Dream…