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Foreign Investors

Foreign Investors - How to obtain a visa?

Foreign Investors – How to obtain a visa?

For those foreign Investors who are looking to emigrate to Florida, it can be rather daunting trying to determine which visa is the right visa for you and your family? For most foreign investors, there really are not that many options. E visa, L visa and EB visa. These are the most common visas and most foreign investors will fall into one of these categories. All are based on investment in the United States, but you will qualify in different ways.

The EB Visa is a straight forward route to invest and obtain a green card. There are two options to this visa, both of which require either $ 500,000 or $1,000,000 investments. Not for most of you, I am sure, but for those foreign investors that can afford it, at least look into it. Once approved your green card, you will not need to own a business to live in America, and will become a part of the system. The next step is citizenship and the EB visa will take you there.

The E Visa is by far the most common visa for foreign investors. Simply find a business that can qualify you for the visa, and maintain it once approved your visa. You can receive anywhere from 2 to 5 years with this visa, and it is renewable. Renewal is validating that you still own the business, providing financials, and proving that it is still functioning. Although there is no actual figure for the amount to invest when buying a business, you have to understand that the business you buy must be able to support you and your family, and must be able to support employees. It is no good thinking that you can buy real estate or something that is simply for personal gain. The point of this visa is to better our economy. So, what does it cost for a business like that? It all depends on you and your needs? E-Mail me with your questions?

The L Visa is very much like the E visa in that you are investing into a business. The simple difference is that you must currently be an overseas business owner. Instead of a person buying the business like with the E visa, your foreign business will invest in the purchase of a business, and will sponsor you to run the new Florida business. make sure that your overseas business will qualify. There are strict guidelines here. Not just any business will qualify.

The real benefit of the L visa is that after a certain amount of time, you can apply for your green card. It is not guaranteed, but if you follow the guidelines, you will be successful.

It is very important that  you speak with someone qualified to tell you whether your country of citizenship will allow you to qualify for a certain visa. Different countries around the world have different treaties with the United States. That is what determines if you can apply for a visa in the first place. Once you are sure of your situation, you can begin to look for possible business opportunities.