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Emigrating to Florida

If I am from overseas, and want to live in Florida. How do I do it?

Unless you have a mother, father or immediate family member who is a US citizen, your options will be limited. Sponsorship opportunities through work are generally already taken by current staff, and if a job position is still available, most likely thousands have applied for it. Where does that leave you?

The E visa, L visa or EB visas are probably your only options.

These are all investment visa’s allowing you to purchase a business in the USA, to live and work. Most countries do have treaty’s with the United States, so the E visa would be available to you. Those in countries such as Russia, China, Brazil and the Ukraine do not have this option, as no treaty’s are currently in place for your country. If that is the case, your final options would be the L visa or EB visa’s.

The E visa.

The E visa is a straight forward investment treaty visa. Buy a business that will qualify your application, and you will receive anywhere from a 2 to 5 year visa. As long as you continue to run the business, each renewal will not be an issue. You can inevitably stay here for decades using the E visa.

How much do I need to invest?

Although many of you have probably heard all kinds of figures being thrown at you, there really is not set amount. The investment is based on it not being for personal gain, or be a marginal investment. Quite simply, find a business that would support you, support growth, pay taxes and create jobs, and you should have no issues. This type of business could cost $ 50,000 or $ 500,000. That will all depend on how much you need to live on really, and the assets of the business.

So, if you feel that you really do want to live in Florida, email me and start asking questions? It’s free and my goal is to see every client achieve the same dreams I had.

The L visa.

This is a very similar visa to the E visa, however you must be the current owner of an overseas business. If you are, and you have owned it for at least a few years, and can prove it’s validity, then this is the way to go. 

Again, you will buy a business in the United States, only this time your current business will buy it, and you will be sponsored to run the new business through your company. You must continue to have both the foreign and US businesses running for around 3 years after your visa is issued, at which point you should be able to apply for your green card. Yes, you can get a green card, whereas the E visa can not.

The EB visa.

There are 2 options here, both of which are much higher investments.

Invest into a government approved program with $ 500,000 and you should receive your green card.

Invest $ 1,000,000 into any business, and create at least 10 new jobs, and you should get your green card.

Generally the difference is that this lower type investment is designed around lower income areas, or areas that need growth. It is a great way for our government to create new jobs and foreign investment into the economy, and a sure way that you will achieve your dreams.

Now that you have read this article, you should understand your options. If so, let me start helping you find the right investment. Pick up the phone or email me. I do not charge you anything and only try to achieve your goals. The sellers will always pay my fees, if you are approved your visa, and when you close. You have nothing to lose and my first hand experiences  and knowledge to gain.