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E Visa - Live in Florida.

Live the Florida Dream

Steven Barnes | December 8, 2015

Living the Florida Dream. (The E Visa) For most of you the thought of living in Florida seems almost impossible. Having to invest so much money, and the time it takes to get a visa simply stops people in their tracks. We read and read so much information, and we listen to so many people,    Read more

E Visa - Live in Florida.

USCIS-Beware of Immigration Fraud

Steven Barnes | December 1, 2015

Below are some important things that you should consider when deciding to Relocate to Florida. (USCIS) U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services along with (DHS) U.S. Department of Homeland Security are the safest way for you to find factual information.  Before you decide to get help with immigration matters and before you pay any money, you    Read more

E Visa - Live in Florida.

How to obtain a Visa – Live in Florida

Steven Barnes | November 17, 2015

Foreign Investors – How to obtain a visa? For those foreign Investors who are looking to emigrate to Florida, it can be rather daunting trying to determine which visa is the right visa for you and your family? For most foreign investors, there really are not that many options. E visa, L visa and EB    Read more

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Pizza Restaurant for sale – near Disney $ 179,000

Steven Barnes | July 30, 2015

Pizza Restaurant for sale near Disney. BBF 45825030.‪#‎Fantasticnewlisting‬. Pizza Restaurant for sale located on Apopka-Vineland Road (S.R 535), next to one of the busiest Walmart stores in the world. $179,000 Unfortunate circumstances lead to sale of business. Already qualified for an E visa several years ago, and should qualify again. Absentee run with contracted manager in    Read more

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Disney Springs

Steven Barnes | July 16, 2015

Disney Springs The largest expansion in Downtown Disney history, Disney Springs will be a one-of-a-kind Disney experience, treating guests by day and night to great dining, shopping and entertainment amid beautiful open-air promenades, flowing springs and waterfront charm. With an air of sophisticated grace and design that harkens to Florida’s waterfront towns, Disney Springs will    Read more

A visa, social security number, and work…

Steven Barnes | July 13, 2015

Relocating to Florida – A visa, social security and work… Many of you are not aware that the only way to obtain a social security number is through a visa, or citizenship. And your social security number is the foundation of your future life in the United States. The Visa. The visa will allow you    Read more

What is a visa qualifying business?

Steven Barnes | July 7, 2015

What is a visa qualifying business? A visa qualifying business is simply a business that can both support itself through paperwork and financials, and show room for growth. Although there is no specific figure that an overseas investors needs to spend in order to obtain an investment visa, you do need to realize that the investment you    Read more

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Emigrating to Florida

Steven Barnes | July 7, 2015

If I am from overseas, and want to live in Florida. How do I do it? Unless you have a mother, father or immediate family member who is a US citizen, your options will be limited. Sponsorship opportunities through work are generally already taken by current staff, and if a job position is still available,    Read more

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Strong U.S Dollar

Steven Barnes | April 12, 2015

European Florida Property Owners! If you currently own property in Florida and are looking to take advantage of the favorable exchange rates, call today and list your property. If you currently own property in Florida and are looking to take advantage of the favorable exchange rates, call today and list your property.  

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Overseas Buyers

Steven Barnes | January 23, 2015

FOREIGN INVESTORS Be wary! With the U.S Economy growing and there being no sight of it slowing down, foreign currencies are weakening against the dollar. Therefore you may well lose money in the exchange process as well as pay higher purchase prices due to the increased market values here in the U.S.A. Think about locking    Read more