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About Us

Who Are We – About Us.

We are a Florida Business Brokerage and Real Estate Company who have served Central Florida for over 20 years. Family owned, we ourselves have been on that very same journey that many of you are looking to take.

Originally from the U.K., we were successful builders and financial advisors looking for that next step in life. Florida had always been a place we had travelled to in the 1970’s, and by the 80’s, really knew that one day soon we would move there.

Our first experiences of moving to America were not the best. At that time there really were no other expats to talk to about what to do, and certainly no internet. So, as you would, we listened to anyone that would tell us we could live here, and paid fees for Green Cards that were never available. Taking from those experiences, we can now ensure that our clients never see that side of emigrating. We can refer you to other business colleagues, give you references, and most importantly tell you that we would not be here if Rockrose Realty and our staff had not done a good job for all of those years.

Now, “Proud to be American”, we at Rockrose Realty want to take you down that same path, setting those same goals and becoming just as successful.

How to buy a business

Our main goal is to ensure that every buyer has the opportunity to find a suitable business for sale, whether a visa qualifying business or a straight forward purchase. Use our SEARCH BUSINESSES , or e-mail me with your criteria, and let’s start the process of relocating to Florida.



Over 20 years in the industry, we have consistently helped family after family ensure their dreams of relocating to America, and over time have built a strong network of business associates. When we sell you a business, we bring you into that circle, giving you the benefit of meeting and working with others who have been down the same path.