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A visa, social security number, and work…

Relocating to Florida – A visa, social security and work…

Many of you are not aware that the only way to obtain a social security number is through a visa, or citizenship. And your social security number is the foundation of your future life in the United States.

The Visa.

The visa will allow you to travel freely between the United States and other countries, as well as live and work here. It will also be required in order for you to obtain a driver’s license. Your new license will have an expiration date that coincides with your visa.

The Social Security Number.

Your social security number will allow you to build your credit, which is integral in the American way of life. Mortgages, Insurances, college, loans and many other things all depend on this number. It is your personal identity and no matter how many visas you have, will never change number. So, to fit into and live our way of life, you must have a social security number!

When you get approved your visa, you will not receive your social security number until you have been to your local social security office, and applied for it.This will mean taking your passport, visas and any other documentation required in order to apply.  Your spouse will not be able to apply the same way as you do, and when you do, as he/she will receive a work permit, which is a little different to the visa.

The work permit process will take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks for your spouse, and their card will come through the mail. So, as soon as you close on your business, make sure that you go straight to your social security office and take care of it.  The seller of the business may not be able to assist you with this process, but most likely the person who helped with your visa should be able to direct you? If not, then yours truly can help.

Who should apply for the visa?

Decide before relocating to Florida which of you, if married, wants to run the business, and which of you would like to go out into the general work place and get a job? You can not take government positions, only citizens can do this, but you can work for most any other company in the U.S.A.  This can help support your new life in ways such as health insurance and benefits, making new friends and extra income.

N.B. The visa holder can not go out into the work place and get a job like the work permit holder. Your visa is based on the investment you made, and the company you bought. The visa only allows you to work for your company and through your company! You can grow the business and move into other areas of industry, but must maintain your primary business. If not, when it becomes time for visa renewal, you will have problems.